This is a brand identity built for the Osakis General Store in Osakis, Minnesota. The owners asked for new logos for both sides of the store (one side being the Osakis General Store, and the other side being Guns Galore), business card designs, a gift card design, and a new website.
I was responsible for the brand identity and website photography, and I teamed up with web developer Paul Connolly to create the website.
The General Store logo.
Guns Galore logo.
Business cards for owner Gregg Anderson, who runs the General Store side of the business.
Business cards for co-owner and managing agent Judi Anderson, who runs the Guns Galore side of the business.
The General Store gift card design.
Website for the Osakis General Store. Built in partnership with web developer Paul Connolly.
Mockup storefront display window for the General Store.
T-shirt for the General Store.
Hooded sweatshirt for the General Store.
Mockup tag for the General Store.
Mockup tag for Guns Galore.
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