Rosedale Center in Roseville, Minnesota, and Spark27 Creative, a previous employer, partner for a number of Rosedale's projects dedicated to disrupting traditional mall advertising. One campaign that I spearheaded some design work for was promoting their new and improved mobile app. 
In addition to general promotion of the app itself, it also had two different features that Rosedale wanted to highlight in their advertisements:
1. SnapShop, an app feature that allows users to scan the barcode of an item they found within the mall, save it to a wish list, and share on social media. 
2. Rosedale Dash, a Pokémon Go-like AR game to find virtual coins and shopping bags around the mall in order to earn real prizes.
The advertising for this campaign relied heavily on in-mall signage such as banners, floor decals, mirror stickers, digital directories, and more. SnapShop was featured on Rosedale Center's official Instagram story.
Advertising elements were designed and copy written by me with edits and feedback provided by Spark27's creative director and Rosedale's in-house marketing team. All logos and SnapShop tagline "Scan It. Save It. Share It. Buy It." provided by Rosedale Center.
Part 1/3: General Promotion

General promotion of the Rosedale Center app was primarily through 3x6' banners displayed throughout the mall.

Part 2/3: SnapShop

Banners were displayed throughout the mall with two different messages: one with the general idea behind the SnapShop feature, and another specifically targeted to parents and teenagers doing back-to-school shopping.

Large floor decal displaying SnapShop advertisement.

Digital directory advertisement for SnapShop specifically targeted to parents and teenagers doing
back-to-school shopping.

Sticker on bathroom mirror advertising SnapShop.

Rosedale Center's official Instagram story featuring
the SnapShop tagline.

Part 3/3: Rosedale Dash

One of the two main advertising mediums for the Rosedale Dash feature of the app was with 3x6' banners displayed throughout the mall.

Floor decals were displayed throughout the mall. These decals promoted app users to play, to redeem prizes, and to look around for possible virtual collectibles.

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